I have been Interneting for a long time. I remember when the internet used to go all quiet except for sysadmins over the holiday breaks from school. I mean, I'm no rasterweb, but if you dig around in some of the Usenet and Gopher archives, you might find some stuff I've written. Olhohof BBS, anyone?

But the internet isn't a fun, cutting edge thing anymore. It's this corporate icky litigation factory of deferred liability. Yeah. I guess you're really not anyone on the internet anymore unless you've been caught in a torrent honeypot.

But the point

The point of it all though, still exists. Cheap, de-centralized publishing platforms let the creators within us out. Put our words in the hands of the Everyman. And it's making The Man crazy.

Back at it, oh Silly Internet.  

Back at it, oh Silly Internet.