I meant to get this published yesterday, but the day ran short.

The sun rises, even over the office.

Dark times become Light. Light times become Dark. This is the way it ever was.

This is, indeed, the darkest time of year. But, with yesterday came a shift—a natural cycle of change that echoes in scale from the atomic to the cosmic. Our place in that cycle, as a collection of simples arranged human-wise, is as significant as any other collection of simples—we simply are part of the great arrangement. Together, we bounce and vibrate, wiggle and shake our way through time and space until we stop doing that and move on to the next thing.

And in this moment: I am glad to be here with you.

Whatever the future brings, such that the future is even a thing, I hope that your arrangement of simples finds pleasure. Or magic. Or triumph. Or joy. Or whatever.

I'll paraphrase one of the most important soothsayers of our time: Remember this, my friends, dark times are just times that a dark.