Work with Gabe

Gabe Wollenburg is pretty good at creating professional content. And he goes out of his way to make it easy for you.

We know all about the troubles you have trying to hire a writer; it's not like you're looking for the next John Steinbeck, you just want someone to help you explain your business to other people. We want that too. We get you.



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Gabe has been Interneting for a long time.  Cheap, de-centralized publishing platforms let the creators within us out. They put our words in the hands of the digital everyman. When you write a thing, and publish it yourself, that's winning.  Gabe's still out to prove that the Blog is still all about poking the cyclops in the eye. 


Read Writey Bits

And then there are the writey bits.

Here be long and short form collections of work by Gabe Wollenburg, the indie author, new media journalist, poet and writer of surreptitious letters. 

Probably also dragons.