This is who I am.

I made this in the kitchen because I believe very strongly that it is the center of my home and the center of who I am.

I believe that marketing and PR is at its best when the storytelling is authentic. I don't think you can get any more authentic than recording this off the cuff and from the kitchen.

Some other samples of my work:

"Trenton's Transformation"

I wrote the copy for this video based on the footage we had available from the shoot and the direction we wanted to take the brand. I had written the story of Trenton's transformation for our in-house magazine earlier. I love everything about this story. You can read it here.

"The Happy Good Day series."

What started as an off-the-cuff daily greeting for Facebook has turned into a short video series about a big man and a little dog having breakfast together every day. Check out "Have a Happy Good Day" on Tumblr and on YouTube.

Facebook Ads for the Watertown Players

I make short video ads to drive ticket sales for a local theater group. These short clips end up on Facebook, on the group's blog, as well as shown before movies at the local cinema.

People enjoy working with me. I've been social media since before it was a thing, and I genuinely enjoy helping people have a better day. Let's get together and get all excited and make things.